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Silph Company Introduces Willow Software Application

SAFFRON CITY — Silph Company and the Oak Research Institute announced today their collaboration on a new piece of software for Pokémon collectors and trainers around the world to learn more about different species, types, and what Pokémon might hatch from different eggs.

The ability to quickly and easily look up this information enables trainers to understand more about their Pokémon and which to choose for battle.

“Willow represents a massive shift in product at Silph. This is just one of our new software applications aimed for trainers' mobile devices,” said Joshua, a leading scientist at Silph Company. “We’re very proud to add important information and functionality to devices people already own.”

Silph Company revolutionized catching Pokémon with the introduction of the Poké Ball in 1996. Today, Silph leads the world in innovation with Great and Ultra Balls, effective Potions, and powerful Revives. Silph’s focus on the safe capture and continued care of Pokémon empowers millions of trainers around the world.

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Scientist Beau, Silph Co.

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